Interview with CBC Music Book Club


Had a great chat with CBC’s Vish Khanna via Skype.  We discussed everything from Hawksley, to female relationships, windy Dublin, bad men and more… And then, Vish cold called Hawksley Workman to ask him how he feels about featuring in Cadillac Couches!

Click on the link below to have a listen. (Make sure you click on the text rather than the arrow in the article.)

CBC Music Blog Part 3


Vish wants to know how far you’ve travelled for a gig?

CBC Music Book Club: Second Installment


New video introducing Cadillac Couches!

Cadillac Couches featured on CBC’s Music Book Club


Vish Khanna is giving away 5 free copies of Cadillac Couches!

Edmonton Bestseller could be a great stocking stuffer!



sophie CC EdmontonIn October, Cadillac Couches was number 2 in Edmonton Journal Bestseller List, after J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy.