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Sophie B Watson is an award-winning freelance writer, editor and translator. Her first novel Cadillac Couches published by Brindle & Glass Publishers, was described as: “An adventure that somehow manages to be a road trip novel; coming-of-age journey; ode to Canadian music festivals; exercise in exorcising past relationships and mistakes; and tribute to friendship- all in one kick-in-the-pants beautiful novel.”*

Sophie studied English and French literature at the University of Alberta. After university she travelled as a freelance journalist to Nicaragua and Uganda to profile Canadian development workers. At the age of 30 she left Canada and went off on a grand adventure to Bath Spa University to pursue a Masters in Creative Writing. She started Cadillac Couches there and met the love of her life. He wooed her back to Ireland where they lived for twelve years. Recently, they moved with their two children to Lancashire. Her essays and articles have appeared in: the Globe & Mail, Briar Patch, Canadian Dimension, Canadian Living,

Born to European parents in Edmonton, Alberta, Sophie has flip-flopped across the Atlantic and the Irish sea and back again ever since she was a babe in arms. Half French and half Winglish (English-Welsh), she is forever fascinated by the English and French languages and loves playing with them both.

*Fab book reviews


Sophie’s great-grandmother’s wedding in Wales.

Betty Brooke and Bill Watson, the next generation.

Sophie’s Dad-to-be in Wales.

Sophie’s Mom-to-be in France.

Sophie’s parents’ wedding in England. Disgruntled French grandmother thinks Sophie’s dad-to-be looks like a Beatle. Sophie thinks they both look very cool and is super proud of this photo.

Sophie’s parents emigrated to Canada. The snowbanks were taller than Sophie’s older brother.

Back in England. Sophie at three years old, in her favourite T-shirt dress visiting Jane Austen’s house in Chawton, transfixed by birdbath. Dad in doorway.

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