“For those of us who came of age in the 1990s, Cadillac Couches is a bit like a scrapbook, the coolest bits of every diary you ever kept. Watson shuns convention with her book’s conclusion too, its happily ever after coming courtesy of a refreshing dose of grrrl power.” Pickle Me This

“the story sometimes moves faster than the poor Bug can travel: the novel is packed full of road kill, fuzzy navel drunken nights, high school memories, a pregnancy scare, and many minor characters. However, this still rings true to the true road trip nature, where scenes flash by windows and people are forgotten as you pull away from gas stations.
 Cadillac Couches is a marvelously quirky and enjoyable novel. It is as much a ballad to Canada, as it is to music.” Julia Kochuk, The Coastal Spectator

“I love music festivals and her depictions were bang on, including the feeling when you discover a new (to you) artist and it’s like the world stops for a bit. Characters great, music-love great, funny and wry dialogue. Yep, it’s a winner in my book. Playlist at the end — she gets bonus point for including the Ghost of Tom Joad (whole album).” Clare Hitchens, Goodreads

“…a charming and resonate story about two young women driving across Canada, interspersed with roadside musings about their romantic pasts…” The National Post

Listen to Shelagh Rogers on CBC’s The Next Chapter discuss my book with groovy music guy Vish Khanna! (scroll to the 28-ish minute mark…)

Cadillac Couches gets glorious review at Fabbity Fab Book Reviews.

Click on the link below to have a listen to my CBC Music Book Club interview with the charming Vish Khanna. (Make sure you click on the text rather than the arrow in the article.)

Review by Fellow Edmontonian

Podcast of my interview on CJSW Writers’ Block

Portrait of a Young DJ (my guest post for 49th Shelf)

Pickle Me This

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The Coastal Spectator

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